THE LIGA SFC/SSC (Catalonia, Spain) JOINS #Health4All

The Association Liga SFC/SSC in Catalonia, Spain, of people with Central Sensitivity Syndrome: Myalgic Encaphalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Multiple Chemical Sensitivities and Fibromyalgia, are joining the European day against the commercialization of public health care #Health4All on April 7, 2016. Although we are hundreds of thousands who are very ill in Catalonia, Spain, we are now excluded from seeing our doctors in the Public Health Care System unless we visit them in their private practices. The Catalan government is making sure that patients with CSS are parked in Primary Health Care where they cannot receive the specialized medical care they need from immunologists, neurologists, cardiologists and environmental health doctors. Also, in PHC, they cannot get diagnosed, treated nor get the reports demanded by the Medical Evaluations Board. This makes sure that all those who are too ill to work, do not get any financial help they are entitled to. We are twice excluded.

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